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I'm looking for an amazing 2014 wall calendar.

Did any of you get a great calendar over the holidays? Tell me about it!

For 2013 I had the Hark A Vagrant calendar, which in addition to excellent hilarious comics included little factoids on significant literary dates (for example, "Nov. 8: Wole Soyinka is the first black person to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature"). And two extra pages of artwork after December!

I also remember the Futurama calendars being very good and including similar dates of scientific and sci-fi significance, but the series lost my interest a long time ago. I'm still interested in science though! Also modern art, graphic design, literature, and food.

This is going to hang on the wall in my cubicle at work, so I'd like to find something visually interesting and a little irreverent and for the love of god not Dilbert or another 12 months of generic wide-eyed soft focus kittens.
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I am rolling with Menswear Dog this year, which in addition to being amusing has fashion tips.
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I have the Papertoy Monster calendar and it's great fun. Not only do you get to make a paper monster each month but you can play with them too.
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Response by poster: And even more previously. But I think having the extra little info tidbits is what I really personally enjoyed about my previous calendars, so I'd like to focus in that particular direction.
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there's this, if you really like weather. in fact, one of the reviews complains that with all the factoids, you can't write stuff in.
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In 2014, you can re-use a vintage 1975 calendar.
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The Bread and Puppet calendar is pretty much the opposite of soft-focus kittens, and has an unusually broad spate of holidays, even if not a ton of other extra information.
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If you're into Lil Bub.
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