San Francisco - Beautiful places to work/study?
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San Francisco - Beautiful places to work/study...That aren't coffee shops?

I have some New Year's resolutions that require me to work, but I'm not good at doing that in my home and the average SF coffee shop is sort of crowded with limited space.

I will be studying math, planning meals and budgets, reflecting on my progress.
I will often be using a laptop, but do not necessarily need wifi or power.
I like sunny places. I like places that feel open (high ceilings, etc).
I am willing to buy food or drink.
I want to go some place that always seems to have a place for me to sit.
And I'd like a place that feels like a San Francisco secret - those spaces that are so cool, but somehow no one utilizes them.

What are some places I will love to be?
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The Garden House Cafe, way out at 3117 Clement St. near the Legion of Honor, is the Richmond's best-kept secret.
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You can't beat the view from the library at the UCSF Parnassus campus.
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The Potrero Hill SF library branch. It has gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that showcase the downtown skyline. It's on 20th between Arkansas and Connecticut.
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There is a public atrium with very high ceilings and huge glass windows and tables at 2nd and Mission Streets.
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Taste, a Chinese-style tea house, has inexplicably been empty the few times that I've been in there. Great tea, relaxing space.

Cafe Epicenter also has more seating than most SF coffee shops.
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The UCSF Parnassus library is free to enter, you don't have to be a member to study there, and it has lots of seating, high ceilings, and sweeping, beautiful views of the city, the bridge, and the headlands. I studied for the GREs there and it was amazing. You're also close to delicious food in the Inner Sunset, can walk through GGP afterwards... it's pretty amazing.
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If it is still there (I visited maybe 15 years ago) the McDonald's at the Presidio has the most awesome view of any McDonald's on the planet.
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If the weather holds, check out some POPOs (especially the rooftop ones!)
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Flora Grubb in Bayview. It's a nursery, yes, but there's a nice little outdoor seating area. Also, a Ritual Roasters kiosk for caffeine and pastries.
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UCSF Library is the best place, no question.
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The top floor of the California Institute of Integral Studies (1453 Mission St) is a rooftop Zen Garden. You don't need to be a student to enter.
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