Is there such a thing as a lantern-style electric lamp?
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I have a very tall cabinet in the corner of my living room. I'd love to put lighting on the top of the cabinet, and I like the idea of having a few lanterns like this or this up there. But, it's too tall to be messing with candles in there, and I'd want to use this regularly- it would be a lot better if I could have something that plugged in. I have exhausted all my Google skills on this one, but it seems improbably that it really doesn't exist! Can anyone tell me, have you ever seen or heard of one of these, or alternate search terms I could try? Or, do you have any similar ideas for lighting up the dark corner that wouldn't look weird perched on top of a cabinet?
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You may want flameless candles with built in timers in the lantern of your choice. They look surprisingly realistic these days. Usually the way the timer works is it stays on for 5 hours from the time it's turned on and comes on at the same time each day. The batteries last quite a while in my experience.
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Searching for "electric candle lantern" on google shopping had a number of items similar to what you're describing.
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I have one with a battery operated candle that all came together - as in the candle is connected to the lantern. It has a switch on the bottom. Here's a picture (on the left - the one on the right is a battery operated tea light candle in an ikea lantern.) I got it from Ross for like $12.

Here's one on Amazon.

Also, I'm sure there are some cool, small table top lamps that would look fine on top of a cabinet.
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I have a lantern that I filled with an led string light - the tiny lights - and it is really pretty. I use it as a nightlight in a hallway. Pretty cheap to operate, so I don't worry about remembering to turn it on and off very often.
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Etsy has several different things like you seem to be looking for. Just poking around I see this and this.
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There are electronic candles that have remote controls like this. They don't put out a ton of light, though, much like a real candle.
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You can always make your own by taking one of those candle lanterns, drilling a whole in the bottom, and sticking this pre-made lamp socket/cord into it.
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Yes as Ron says. Make your own. The cord and bulb socket are prewired so all you have to do is assemble and turn on. This is very much craft 101 and will be fun and easier than you think.
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You might consider these decorative Bulbrite bulbs. I like them enough to use as just a bare bulb, but you could also use it inside a modified lantern as suggested above.
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