Recommend books that are like Stephen King short stories
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I really like Stephen King's short stories, specifically those that focus on possessed objects or ghosts/demons/ghouls manipulating objects. I'm thinking specifically of Lawnmower Man and The Mangler. Can you recommend horror novels in a similar vein, by Stephen King or by others? [Spoilers for The Shining within]

As stated, I love Stephen King's short stories, especially those like Lawnmower Man and The Mangler that are about objects that are imbued with horror. I'd like to read horror novels like this, but I'm specifically looking for novels that hinge on supernatural horror -- especially horrifying/possessed/controlled objects-- rather than those where the horror is more purely psychological.

I've read and liked The Shining. The idea that the hotel was possessed by something (ghosts? demons?) and could act through objects (the topiary, the fire hose, the bar, the elevator, etc.) and people (Jack) totally worked for me. The scenes where the topiary seem to be moving, or where Danny thinks the fire hose is chasing him, are the kind of thing I want to read more of. The scenes where Jack and Wendy are trying to suss out whether the other has hurt their son, and the complexities of their relationship, is the kind of thing I want to read less of (although it's fine if it's in the mix).

I've read and disliked The Dark Half (the menace of the pseudonym driving around endlessly got boring for me after a while). I tried to read Misery but couldn't get into it -- I just don't find pure psychological horror all that interesting. I'm also not looking for books where demons work directly in the world themselves (like in the movie Event Horizon).

What novels would you recommend to me that are like Stephen King's short stories, whether by King or by others?
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I haven't read it in many years, but Needful Things by King definitely plays with the idea of objects being a haunting/controlling/causal force.
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The house in House of Leaves is nightmares-level scary, to me.
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Carrion Comfort
by Dan Simmons

A novel about possessed horror, supernatural. Stephen King said this was one of three greatest horror novels of the 20th century.
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Try Laird Barron, particularly his collection The Beautiful Thing that Awaits Us All.
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You might want to consider "NOS4A2" by Joe Hill. The story features a 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith, the object in question.
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I think that Stephen King's It has a similar ratio to The Shining of creepy possessed stuff vs. interpersonal relationships, so you may be on board with that.
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M.R. James is a bit old-school but you might enjoy him, check this story or this one to see if you like his style. His books are in the public domain and Penguin has a collected edition paperback.
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The Dionaea House, although it might be more psychological than you would like.
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You want to read Christine.
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Seconding Christine. Absolutely.
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Stephen King's "Word Processor of the Gods" from Skeleton Crew might tickle your fancy. The object in question in this story is particularly insidious in its abilities and the entire thing revolvies around complex and painful family dynamics.
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You also might like "The Sun Dog" from Four Past Midnight
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Pin by Andrew Neiderman fits your criteria (there is a sinister medical dummy in it)
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Applesurf recommended NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, and I would add Heart Shaped Box by him, also, which revolves around a haunted suit.
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Try "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson. A heads up that the title story is nothing at all like the movie with Will Smith - but instead a really interesting tale about a solitary man trying to make it in a new world. The remaining short stories are quick, sweet and eerie reads... like the story about a doll that comes to life and hunts its new owner. *Shiver!*
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