I can't find the link. D'oh.
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Someone posted a link to a browser based IM client that did AIM, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ on MeFi, and I've searched but can't find.

I tried simple terms: browser - no luck. IM - no luck. Instant - no luck. Beta - no luck.

Can anyone point me to the post?
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posted by bachelor#3 at 10:27 AM on October 13, 2005

*re-reading your question*
d'oh. I meant to say:
posted by bachelor#3 at 10:28 AM on October 13, 2005

was it meebo?
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this might be the post in question.
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Did you try the IM tag?

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Thank you to everyone! You all found it... I dunno why I couldn't. I am a ding dong.

IM tag - good idea. I forgot about how to use tags. I'm internet savvy, but apparently not blog savvy at all. :-P
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Wow, does Meebo work past firewalls... as in, can I use this at work? If I can, I'm in biiiiiiig trouble!
posted by Corky at 3:51 PM on October 13, 2005

It works through my company's highly restrictive firewall.

...The downside is that this means the webserver (and it's admin) has access to your IM usernames and passwords.
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