Find the missing wedding registry?
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A couple of months ago I found a nontraditional/alternative wedding registry website which was perfect for me, and which I'd like to use. Apparently I failed to bookmark it, and now I can't find it again. Googling is not working for me and I'd love your help. Details inside.

This was a non-traditional registry site. The main feature was that you could list anything, but not only goods and gifts, things like "volunteering to help the day of the event" and other nontangible, nonconsumery things.

I probably found it via A Practical Wedding or Offbeat Bride, but can't seem to re-find it. APW has turned their interface upside down since I started my planning, and it's now much harder to use.

I think it allowed for charitable donations too.

It's not SimpleRegistry or

Thanks for any help you can offer! Even if you don't find the exact one I was after, if you know of other nontraditional registries, I'd love to see them. Thanks.
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Is it So Kind?

PS. Congrats!
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Maybe this? It seems to have been called Alternative Gift Registry in the past, but it's now So Kind Registry. You may also want to look locally for other options; some areas have city-experience based ones like memberships or classes.
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Response by poster: So Kind is it! Thank you both so much. AskMe gets it under 10 minutes!
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