Looking for timestretching software that supports variable tempo curves
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I'm looking for an audio timestretching tool that allows me to vary the compression/expansion amount over time. In other words, I'd like to be able to draw a tempo "curve" for the input file—say, starting at −8% speed and remaining there for the first minute and twenty seconds; then gradually increasing speed so that it reaches +12% at 5:33; then remaining steady at +12% for the remainder of the track. Help?

I know this can be done manually with any DJ software, but I'm looking for something that affords the same precision as the level/panning/effects automation in DAW software.

I'm using Adobe Audition 3. Either a plugin or a standalone application would be fine.
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Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch can do this if you adjust windowing.
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Ableton Live does this. You can draw a curve for the master tempo of the track.
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Response by poster: Almost a year later, I finally figured this out.

In Audition 3, open a clip (so you're in clip editing mode, not the multitrack view).

Select the portion of the clip that you'd like to stretch.

From the "Effects" menu, select "Time and Pitch > Stretch (process)..."

Select the "Gliding Stretch" tab.

There you go!
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