Where (online) to buy a nice framed photo of DC?
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I am thinking of buying a nice framed photo that is recognizably DC (landmarks, cherry blossoms, etc., or something more creative) as a wedding gift. I looked at Art.com and everything was pretty generic, 'obvious' and postcard-looking. I'd love to find a photo that is a bit more unique, or even perhaps a cool framed graphic print. My budget is not awesome: I am looking to spend under $300. Any recommendations of websites/photographers/artists I should check out?
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Does anything in the Washington Post Store appeal to you?
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If you know how to sew, or are willing to stretch to $450, you could get them a DC City Quilt from haptic labs. The DIY kits are about $75. If you pay them for a completed one, they'll even customize embroidery in the spots that are meaningful to the couple.
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I love passing by Claude Taylor's store in Dupont Circle and he has a lot of DC area photographs for sale online as well. I would also second a vintage photographic print or one of an iconic event in a DC area.
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Best answer: More in the graphic print design line: what about a map (new or old) like this one from the National Building Museum? They also have other map products that aren't strictly designed to go on the walls.
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Best answer: Maybe instead of a photo you could get the couple something with the DC Flag?

It's an extremely recognizable symbol for the DC metro area and it's a nice classic design.
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Etsy has some really cool stuff! This picture of kids in the 20s swimming around in a reflecting pool is pretty awesome. I can't tell if it's framed, but with Etsy, you can usually make specific requests.
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I like Joe Shymanski's work.
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Joseph Harrison Snyder and Thomas Bucci are both longtime DC artists with work that focuses on Washington DC.
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Matthew Parker makes some pretty cool DC photo collages.
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Here's a list of wedding photographers recommended by Washingtonian; I bet a number of them also shoot art photography! Might be a good list to look into.
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Best answer: I really like the city love prints from Art Shark Designs on Etsy. They are only $15, so this could be part of an art themed wedding present!
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Best answer: In the category of "cool framed graphic print", consider something like City Prints or MrCityPrinting? Looks like the latter will customize the prints with their wedding date or similar.

I feel like I've seen several artists do a take on this theme, but these were my favorites among the first few that came up in a search.
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Etsy - tons more hits if you remove the requirement that it be framed.
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deviantART has some great things in their shop. Lots of pieces that scream D.C., but aren't traditional.
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Response by poster: Wow, really great and creative suggestions, thanks everyone. After going through all your ideas and speaking with some friends last night, I think I'm going to actually go with a less expensive framed print (probably one of your Etsy recommendations) and also give them a traditional wedding gift off the registry. I'm especially liking Echo's Art Shark Designs print and the many cool map prints people linked to. Thanks all!
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