Where can I buy an electronic target rifle?
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I want to do target practice in my basement, but no bullets, pellets, or BB's. I'd like an electronic target rifle that uses infra-red or ultra-violet light and somehow indicates where I hit on the target.

Does such a device exist? (I've done lots of Google-ing and searching on Amazon to no avail.)

If so, where can I buy such a rifle (or probably a set of rifle, target, etc)?
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They make add-ons for real rifles to do this. Here is one example.
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Laserlyte is the one I know of (as linked above) -- they have add-ons for pistols and rifles, as well as a mock pistol with glock-like appearance. The in-barrel devices that beam the laser-light use the sound of the dry-fire to trigger the light beam, but the lack of recoil means you're recocking even semi-auto guns each time. I think the current consensus is that it's okay to dry-fire modern weapons, but not everybody likes doing it; also, that sort of set up rather infringes on the basic gun safety rule of always treating the gun as if it's loaded.
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