Name that sci-fi short story (aliens discussing humans)
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Do you remember reading a short science fiction story where aliens were regretting their decision to exterminate humanity?

In the story there was some conversation from the POV of two aliens, something about a missile sent through space, and a description about humanity evolving from squabbling warmongers to civilized beings with potential.

I think I heard about it from this site even (it's similar to Terry Bisson's "they're made out of meat"), but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I wanted to read more by the author or with this setup. Thanks!
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Perhaps this?
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Marvin Minsky wrote Alienable Rights which has a similar premise but more of an investigation of the nature of consciousness.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That is the story. I managed to find the other discussion where it was posted:

Turns out "Meat" was actually written by Terri Bisson, published in Omni, 1990.
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