What's the best iOS app for body weight monitoring?
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I'm looking for an easy to use, extremely simple app for monitoring my body weight and fat%.

Each morning, I get up, bleary eyed, and weigh myself on my digital scale (which has a handheld bodyfat monitor too). For years I have used Tactio Health, but the interface has now changed and its super confusing. Certainly far too confusing for that early in the morning. I'm aware of the limitations of such scales, but the geek in me loves to track things and I find tracking trends in data useful in achiving my training goals.

My ideal app would:
• have an easy and simple interface to enter weight, bodyfat %; and visceral fat (a fairly arbitrary number that my scale produces).
• be able to export the data in an xls or csv; and
• be able to display the data, on the phone in an adjustable time based graph.

I don’t mind it having other functions too, but I don’t want them to get in the way of my primary aim.

Is there an app that does this easily? As tomorrow is 1 January, it would be nice to be able to start the year off right ;-)
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The Fitbit Aria scale will do all of this for you, no data entry required. The app is free, but the superb scale costs about a hundred bucks.
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Myfitnesspal does this. It's also online.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Keep them coming!

Haddock: myfitnesspal doesn't do it for me - it seems to track weight, calories and exercise, but not the other bits. The interface is also more confusing than Tactio.

Ben: thanks, but I'm looking to use the scale I already have without further outlay!
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Seconding haddock. Myfitnesspal allows you to choose the metrics you want to measure. Weight, neck, waist, and hip size are built into it. I think the interface is really easy. Look in the Progress section for Measurements.
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Thanks Fieldtrip.
If Myfitnesspal allows you to add metrics to track, I cant find a way to do it.

I've moved to More_Bmi, which does most of what I want and has no extraneous, random, confusing features to get in the way.

Thanks all.
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The Withings scale works well for me. I've used their older model for over a year and am pretty happy with it, although I take the body fat measurements less as an absolute number and more as a gauge of whether it's going up or down. It connects easily to Myfitnesspal, but has its own app that will give you interesting graphs.
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