Call all book detectives! I'm looking for a book, the cover was blue...
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Please help me find a book on toy making from the 1960s or 1970s (and that I read in the 1990s).

Hi peeps, I'm trying to remember the name of a book that I took out several times in junior high back in the early 90s. I'm pretty sure it would have gone into the discard pile a long time ago :-) I really loved it, but was not expecting it to be so hard to find.

This is what I remember:

- Black and white photographs, line drawings for the patterns
- Cover was blue with black and white photographs
- It seems it would have been published in the 1960s or 1970s
- It was not exclusively aimed at young people
- All the projects were made from wood, but it wasn't a woodworking guide
- It was square in shape and probably about 80 pages
- The title was something like every other wood toy making book out there :-(
- English language and hardcover

The projects included a castle, castle residents (I traced these onto balsa wood :-)), a catapult, a siege tower, a modern bungalow dollhouse, wooden boxes with a combination lock, possibly a puzzle or two like a tanagram, an elephant with a mahout. The projects were pretty unique and charming.

I started my search on Alibris and ABE, and went to World Cat to narrow it by year and got a decent list of titles, but looking them up on Google gives me results that I don't remember and that don't sound like the book. Or, sellers have not provided a photo of the book. Woe! I can tell you that the book is:

- Not part of a series or published by a sponsor (Dover, Sunset, Time-Life, WOOD etc)
- Not by Richard Blizzard
- Not the Make It Yourself Toy Book by Frederick Gillson and Robert Reeves

The castle project I remember the best because it was the one I made the figures, as well as a cardboard model of the doll house. This is the most that I can remember about the figures - sketch here.

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Response by poster: Thanks ddd, no, it's not that one. I guess I should have said the colour was dark blue instead of bright blue. Sigh! Thanks for trying.
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