Looking for house cleaner in Jamaica Plain, MA
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Can anyone recommend a good house cleaner in Jamaica Plain, MA? I've checked yelp reviews and Boston magazine but I'm hoping for a personal recommendation. Thanks!
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When I lived in Boston I had an awesome amazing cleaner who will work all over Boston. I'm sure she'll do JP. I'll MeMail you her info, but this is just a placeholder to let people know I have a good Boston-area rec and I'm happy to provide it to anyone else!
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MeMail me if you still need a reference. I might have a connection but I need to track down the info.
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Maid to Clean. Very dependable, affordable and the same workers come each time. The only downside for me is the owner won't schedule via email - it's all done over the phone.

We tried several other companies that are well reviewed on Yelp and got frustrated with (a) crappy quality, (b) inflated prices for companies that didn't pass on enough of the money to the cleaners, (c) self-employed workers who had a really hard time keeping appointments with any regularity.

A friend recommended Maid to Clean and we've been using them for almost two years. I've recommended them to friends who have also been happy.
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