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Can anyone help me identify the font from this T-shirt?

We're trying to design some T-shirts for a community organization and like the look of this font. Any thoughts on what it might be? Or how to replicate it?

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Ha! I knew I'd know this one before even opening the post...
Cheri Liney
(I had to use it once for a job and it took ages to find...)
posted by Kerasia at 10:20 PM on December 29, 2013

Double Ha! I'm wrong.
posted by Kerasia at 10:21 PM on December 29, 2013

I think it's Helvetica or Helvetica Bold with a heavy stroke and a fill set to 0% opacity. Do you have photoshop? It can be replicated easily if so.
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TBoaF, the 't's are not Helvetica. They are 't's like Cheri Liney but the font is straighter in the OPs image and doesn't have hearts dotting the 'i's
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It's similar to the Eurostile family, but the lowercase 't' doesn't cross all the way on the left.
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If you can take a more even picture of the sample, you can upload it to WhattheFont and perhaps find it there.
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Best answer: Coolvetica. You'll need to outline it yourself, though.
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Seconding Coolvetica. (Full disclosure: I strongly dislike Coolvetica. But I am probably not your potential customer.)
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"Helvariations". What an awesome term!
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Best answer: Also looks like Chalet from House Industries, if'n you feel like dropping a bundle of $$.
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