What kind of skin treatment should I get?
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I have good skin, but for the past 15 years I have had a single dime-sized discoloration on my cheek-- a faded red color but not itchy, scaly or raised. I think it is leftover from when I had an irritated dry patch there that I picked at when I was a teen. Anyway I'd like to do something about it, and my husband gave me a gift card to a medi-spa that offers a variety of different kinds of peels, microdermabrasion, etc. I'd like to know what type of treatment is best for helping get rid of this type of spot. Not interested in a long recovery time (a day or two is ok) or having to go back for multiple visits unless absolutely necessary. I'm overwhelmed by the options but would like to use this gift certificate towards a treatment that will minimize this discoloration, without having to consult a dermatologist first. (YANMD) thanks!
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I'd like to know what type of treatment is best for helping get rid of this type of spot.

I know you said you don't want to see a dermatologist, but without knowing what exactly is causing the discoloration, any answers you get here will be straight up guesses. Trust a trained professional, not (well-intentioned) people on the internet.
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i would definitely see a dermatologist before doing any skin treatment at a medi-spa. the skin treatments that medi-spas do could make it worse.
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The med-spa I go to is headed by a dermatologist and the consultation with her upfront is free if you get a service there. The first time I went in there sure of what I needed and she talked me out of a few things. So the answers you get here may not end up being appropriate for your skin.
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My friend, a doctor, owns a med spa. She did her residency in family medicine and has no training in dermatology. According to her, this is common. Even a psychiatrist or a dentist can operate a med spa.

I'm saying this because not only are our answers here going to be guesses about what would be appropriate for your skin, but so could the recommendations from a med spa be guessing. I know you said you don't want a consultation with a dermatologist, but that's really the lowest-risk option you have.

If your spot is indeed from scarring, you might even try Mederma cream before using your gift certificate on it.
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