Professional Matchmaker Wanted!
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Recommendations needed for good recruiters/staffing firms/headhunters in cloud services management.

Asking for a friend--

My friend is a program manager working in managed cloud services, specializing in program support and setup (proposals, contracts, trial management and incubation, rollouts, etc.) for domestic and international telecoms. He has about 2 years' experience at a startup. He does a lot of project management, but is not yet PMP certified. He is ready for a new professional challenge, and is looking for recommendations for recruiters/staffing firms/headhunters who work with management-level staff in his field. Primary geographic area of interest includes Mountain West and West Coast. My friend is looking for help with targeting his resume, searching for relevant and elusive job titles, and navigating the hiring process.

Memail me for more details or clarification about his qualifications. Thanks for your help!
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