New Year's night, dinner in Manhattan; GREAT service?
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My husband has been incredibly wonderful and patient as I trained for two marathons this past fall, and a 48.6 mile challenge that I will embark on next week. I would like to treat him to a great meal in Manhattan on Wednesday night.

I've done some research on Chowhound, but thought I would see if the AskMe community had any great experiences they could relate.

Parameters: I would like to spend around $200, including alcohol, before tip.

The food should be good, but the service should be outstanding.

Anywhere in Manhattan is fine, but the closer to the UWS, the better.

My partner has a VERY Midwestern palate; he won't eat sushi, anything spicy, or anything too "out there" (like Dirt Candy)

Thanks for any wonderful suggestions you all have.
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It might be hard to get a table, this is pretty short notice, but it's my 'hood, I go out a lot up here, so here goes:
Ouest on Broadway and 83rd (great service)
'Cesca, off Columbus around 75th (wonderful to sit at the bar and eat dinner, bartenders are fab)
Bar Boulud, Broadway & 64th (outstanding service and food, pretty pricey)
The Smith, Broadway & 64th ish (good service, bistro-y food, very festive)
Dove tail, very pricey, somewhere in the 70s off Columbus (stellar in all respects)

Good luck!
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There's a new whiskey bar style place Barley and Grain that opened recently that's pretty nice - not sure if they're doing a new years thing but worth checking out.
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Clarification: you mean $200 total, not per person, right? Is that including tax?
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Response by poster: Yes, $200 total, doesn't have to be including tax.
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Le Grenouille has the best service in NYC by far
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