Software for jamming along with on guitar, with tampura?
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I play solo guitar, and had great fun jamming along to a tampura, which is an indian drone machine. I'm wondering if there is any software that can replicate this sound, or perhaps an album with 'very' minimal production in a single key. I'm particular interested in playing celtic music, and perhaps the blues also if a chord sequence facility exists? I'm aware there are some complex 'band in a box' midi sequencers that can do this, but I'm looking for a simple solution with high quality looping droney sounds with some organic sounding variance.
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For iOS, Prasad Upasani has some apps for tanpura and tabla, including a free iTanpura Lite that runs for 60 seconds at a time. Demo video
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The term you want to search for is "shruti box." There are hardware and software versions.
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If you have recording software, you may be able to tune your reverb, which isn't exactly a backing track to jam along with, but it's similar.

1. Set up a clean channel in your software for your guitar.

2. Look at this chart of the frequencies of notes.

3. Set up a second channel in your recording software with some EQ plug ins.

4. Make the EQs have very narrow (Q=10) and tall (+20 dB or more) spikes at the frequencies of the notes in the key you want to play in.

5. Put a big fun juicy long reverb at the end of the second channel.

The result is tuned reverb. Blend the clean and wet signals to taste. The effect is somewhat sitar-esque.
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i second the electronic Tambura
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online tanpura
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