Mac DVD image capture
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How can I capture images from the DVDs I play in my PowerBook? (10.3.8) Thanks!
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Simplest way, regardless of which software you use to play the DVD: pause the movie and take a screenshot (cmd + shift + 4, then select the area with the movie image).
posted by funambulist at 5:41 AM on October 13, 2005

Play them with VLC.
posted by cillit bang at 5:41 AM on October 13, 2005

In addition to a complete screenshot, you can use Grab to clcik/select the individual window you video is playing in.
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You need this awesome, free program.
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I think the "just take a screenshot" people might be missing the fact that this doesn't always work. Have you tried it?

Go to and search for "DVD capture".

There's an app just called DVD Capture, and I think one called Capture This or Capture Me which is good.
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Apple's DVD Player app locks out the system-native screenshot functionality, meaning the suggestions from funambulity and Thorzdad won't work.

So you've got two choices: use something different to take the screenshot (like Snapz Pro X, though that may be overkill if this is the only time you need a screenshot utility), or use something different to play the DVD (VLC, as cillit bang suggested, works fine).
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I've had the situation where Apple's DVD player wouldn't let me take screenshots. If it doesn't do that all the time, it might have something to do with commercial DVDs vs. homemade ones. But I don't know. However, come to think of it, the DVD I was trying to take screenshots of actually was a homemade one.... and to this day my bootleg of the Star Wars Holiday Special does not have an appropriate cover!
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Another vote for Capture Me. Tiny, easy to use, gets what Grab balks at.
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You're right ambrose, screen capture with the keyboard shortcuts is unavailable during DVD playback with DVD Player. Sorry, I was thinking of playing movies in QuickTime, my bad.

But you can indeed use other applications for taking screenshots - I used FreeSnap, it's another freeware and it works perfectly also with DVD player. I just did a test. You click the "snap" button, then move to the DVD window, click once and then when the cursor changes you drag to select the area, release, and it's done.
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