Central American lion parks
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Is there a statue of a lion (or possibly Chinese lion) in or near a nature preserve or park in Central America?

So, I had a dream with some pretty odd images... There was a national park or nature preserve near or on an ocean, in Central or South America. The main clue was the lion statue in or near the park. I'm fairly certain it was on the Pacific ocean side (but not positive!) Kind of a longshot or not actually real thing, but, well, there was treasure to be found. So....anyone seen that lion?
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Evidently there's a very lion-like statue of a puma in a park overlooking Lake Titicaca in Peru. Of course, there's an abundance of puma/panther/jaguar statues throughout Central and South America, but that's the first one connected to a park near water that leapt out as especially similar to a female lion.
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Could you be dreaming of León, Nicaragua?
(I certainly am, I'm headed there in a matter of days!)
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