Integrating receipt scanner with Sage 50, Canadian edition
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My husband and I have a small consulting business. I would like to scan all our receipts and then download them into Sage 50 so as to save time when doing our monthly accounting. Do you have any experience doing this? What hardware/software did you use? Did you have to do anything special to be compliant with the CRA?

I would like to scan all our receipts from tiny thermal-printed receipts where the print disappears after two months, to POS receipts as long as my arm (and the print also disappears after two months), to letter-sized printed paper. I would like the scans to integrate into Sage 50 software so that the date, vendor, cost, and GST are automagically entered into our general ledger, or at least some of that information is entered, cutting down the amount of time we need to spend.

It seems that Fujitsu SnapScan does a good job on the scanning end and uses PaperPort software, but I don't know about the integration with Sage 50. NeatScan supposedly works, but I read reviews that you have to continually buy add-ons.

Are you a Canadian small-business owner who can tell me how you set up your digital recod keeping?
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Best answer: I am a Canadian small business owner who uses Sage 50. I can't answer your question, but since you haven't received a response yet I'll suggest another forum. I'm not sure why, but even though Sage really wants us to pay for Business Care for support, they also operate a forum for each product that is free and usually nets a reply from a Sage support staff member.

You have to sign up for a forum account using your Account ID (upper right corner of this page). I've found that even with my most obscure concerns I receive a reply within a day. That reply is usually some form of "the system can't do that", but that's another story. Good luck, the system you've described sounds really interesting!
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, mireille! I'll go there for help. If I find a reply I'll post and/or link to it here. I see a couple of people have marked the question as a favourite, probably because they'd be interested in the answer, too.
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Not sure if it's option for you, but we've switched to Wave (free) online accounting (waveaccounting com), and they have mobile app for taking a pic of each receipt, which then gets uploaded to their system, and after that recognized (amount, supplier, etc...).

Also, you can connect your Canadian bank account, so everything will be synchronized, or export monthly bank statement and import it into wave.

Quite honestly, I'm very impressed with their accounting system.
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