I need 80's instrumental sex music.
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For a comedy show I need some 80's sex music. Something funky but definitely of the 80's and it can't have words, or at least have large sections with no words.
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It's for a comedy? Oh Yeah by Yello.
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How long does it have to be? You could loop the instrumental section from "Careless Whisper."
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There was a recent re-issue of tracks musician Patrick Cowley wrote for gay porn soundtracks in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This man is truly the queen of funky, synthy, glittering porn soundtracks. Check out the compilation album "School Daze."
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Moments in Love by Art of Noise?
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Pretty much anything from Pornosonic... (Amazon Link). I'd suggest you grab the bridge elements from 'Cramming for College' ... and the album in all its glory is on YouTube for you to funk out to.
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Depends on the tone of the scene, but Duran Duran's Tiger, Tiger is about as 80s instrumental as it gets without saxophone.
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In the same vein, Kenny G: Songbird.
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I believe Darling Nikki by Prince has some stretches of nonvocal instrumentals.
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someone using the pseudonym Costello Presley used to compose music for many porn videos in the 80's - if you do a google search on his name, there are some free MP3 downloads. I'm not sure if this suits your needs or not.
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Ribbed and Veined by Cocteau Twins is exactly what you need.
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Love Theme from Flashdance!
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There's an instrumental mix of Prince's "Alphabet Street" which is pretty sexy. In fact Prince instrumental mixes would be a rich seam to mine.
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I don't think this is what you're looking for, but there aren't a lot of lyrics in this song. Flipper: Sex Bomb
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Frankie Goes To Hollywood: The Ballad of 32.
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Lil Louis - French Kiss Takes a while to get going... you want about 5 mins onwards
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If you only need 30 seconds or so, you could do worse than the Windows 98 Welcome Music. It will get a laugh from geeks of a certain age, at any rate.
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Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night (instrumental)
The Human League - Hard Times
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - From Soft To Hard (which is an instrumental version of "Relax")
Laid Back - White Horse has a 45 second intro.
Liquid Liquid - Optimo
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You might also be looking for Candy Dulfer & Dave Stewart's "Lily Was Here".

Bonus: Saxophone!
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How about one of the Tangerine Dreams tracks from the Risky Business soundtrack?
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I ended up using Whodini.
If anyone's interested the show is 4 Days Late at the Chicago Sketchfest on Jan 12 at 8pm.
Thanks for the help everybody.
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