Name the movie I am thinking of! (Or tell me it is all in my head)
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Name the movie I am thinking of! (Or tell me it is all in my head)

After visiting the Egyptian Pavillion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art today, I was extremely confident that I remembered it being the filming location of a fancy gala in a James Bond movie or similar. Fuzzier details in my memory include that it was set at night, and the female lead was wearing an elegant, long, black gown. However, when I got home tonight and tried to google it for quite a while, I failed to find any confirmatory evidence.

So clearly, I have it backwards one way or the other. Either a spy movie contains a scene in a similar but not identical location, or I've got the location right and the movie type wrong. Or, possibly, I dreamed/imagined it all. Please help me identify this movie so it will stop driving me crazy and also give me the satisfaction of knowing that such a fantastic venue was used for a picturesque (though likely fictional) event.
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From New York: The Movie-lovers' Guide:
These days, however, the Met does permit filming within one wing of its property: the dramatic, glassed-in Temple of Dendur pavilion, a vast space that houses a restored Egyptian temple surrounded by fountains [...] Dendur has also provided the setting for gala sequences in many Manhattan movies. Among them: Six Degrees of Separation (1993), Changing Lanes (2002), Maid in Manhattan (2003), and A Perfect Murder (1998)
So there's a start: a more precise name for the setting and a few movies to check out for memories.
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This appears to be a photo of the Temple of Dendur gala scene from A Perfect Murder and Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing a black dress – but in almost any gala scene in almost any film, there will be black dresses all over the place.
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I have a suspicion this appeared in a video game... syphon filter?
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The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) lists the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a location but I don't know if the gala scene was filmed there.
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I thnk it's Maid In Manhattan but Jennifer Lopez is in a pink gown.
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The type of movie is all wrong, but when I saw the linked picture, I was immediately reminded of When Harry Met Sally - which, after a bit of searching, was indeed filmed there. But you're probably thinking of A Perfect Murder, which does have Gwyneth Paltrow in that long black gown.
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Ahhh... Maid in Manhattan it is!! (And the dress was pink, not black.) I'd like to say that Ralph Fiennes is the reason I felt it was a spy thriller but the truth is that I have no real explanation. Thanks, HeyAllie and all of the other commenters. Now I can sleep peacefully tonight!
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When I clicked on the the link above I immediately thought of I Am Legend, which seems to also have had a scene filmed in that beautiful Egyptian room.
Just some added trivia; I'm glad you found your answer!
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