Upcoming contemporary dance in NYC?
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I wanna go to some dance performances! Help me figure out what to see.

On New Year's, I'll be exchanging gifts with my partner. (She was away with family for Xmas.) I want to get her (among other things) a bunch of tickets to some dance performances. We've both had a low-level "we should see more dance" thing going on for a while. She comes from an art background, and knows pretty much nothing about dance, but has really enjoyed the few things we've seen together. I hung out with contemporary dance people back in college, so have a sort of outdated cocktail-party-knowledge sense of the Major Figures of the late 20th century, but am completely out of the loop of what's going on now.

Just doing some preliminary poking around, I found this Molissa Fenley Company performance on January 10th. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for (in terms of aesthetics, significance, price).

So how do I find more? Is there some central listing site that talks about upcoming dance performances? What venues should I be looking at? What choreographers/dancers/companies should I know about? What, coming up in the next few months, do I need to go see? (Anywhere in the 5 boroughs, but for something especially cool, would travel to Boston/Philadelphia and similar easy trips.)
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New York? Alvin Ailey!

Caught them passing through my town a few years ago and it was just amazing. They are a legend for a reason.
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Best answer: Check out the Joyce.
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Best answer: Kate Weare Company

...and there'd probably be more to see at Focus Dance except it looks like they haven't updated their site from last year.
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And take a look at the wikipedia page for dance companies; sort by region and check out New York. There are so many legendary names in dance companies in New York, anything listed there is gonna be good.
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(disclaimer: I am friends with some of the kwco people!)
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Nth'ing anything at the Joyce, if you're thinking of planning a summer road trip Jacobs Pillow is fantastic.
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No current performances scheduled, I'm afraid, but keep Mark Morris in mind for the future; he's pretty great.

Sometimes BAM's festivals have good (and inexpensive!) dance events too.
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