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Looks like they just finished producing the first season of Fun Fun Elmo, which is the Chinese version of Sesame Street. I'm looking for other recommendations of Chinese children's shows that would be appropriate for my 5 year old. Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (喜洋洋) is popular, but too violent. And "Dora the Explorer" in Chinese is interesting, but also not what we're looking for. We'd love suggestions like Adventures of Little Carp (小鲤鱼历险记) that were originally produced for a Chinese audience. Bonus points if you can direct us to shows that were designed to be educational (like Sesame Street), rather than just shows directed at kids.
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From when I was younger: from China, 大头儿子小头爸爸 was a firm favourite with my father and sister, I think, and is probably age-appropriate. It's about an inquisitive little boy with a big head, and his shy and gentle father, who obviously has a small head. I last saw these on VCD ten years ago, but recall catching sight of a mention somewhere recently.

I've heard a lot about Ni Hao Kai Lan among family friends with young children struggling with Chinese, but I'd hesitate to recommend it because, uh, it's from Nickelodeon.

I really wish I could be more helpful! I'll keep an eye and ear out for this stuff, because in hindsight, I would have liked to have as much good educational classic Sesame Street in Chinese as in English. It's a real pity.
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Qiaohu is a popular Chinese show for children. It's supposed to be educational. There are different versions for a range of age groups.
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These are GREAT! Thanks so much, guys. Would love to hear back if you run across any more, of course...
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