Looking for a good butcher in Seattle Eastside.
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I moved (again), to the Seattle area, and am now without a good butcher (again). Can anyone recommend a good butcher in Seattle's Eastside (e.g. Redmond/Bellevue)? I cook pretty seriously, so ideally I'd like a place that has high quality meats, is knowledgeable enough to answer questions, can deal with custom or unusual orders, that kind of thing.
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have you checked out Bill the Butcher yet? there's one in redmond. I've gone into the store in Wallingford and the workers are very friendly and the quality was great
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I wouldn't get too attached to Bill the Butcher; the Bellevue store didn't last a year, and the Wallingford store spent more than a year with a "Coming Soon" sign up, to the point where when they finally opened I don't have the heart to even try to get there during their business hours. The negative Yelp comments about stock mismanagement are well-earned.

The butcher departments at Whole Foods are very good, and the Golden Steer is Bellevue's real old-line butcher.
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Best answer: I've heard good things about Golden Steer Choice Meats, but haven't been there myself.

If you don't mind coming into Seattle occasionally - A&J Meats and Rain Shadow Meats are both excellent.
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Bob's in Columbia City is across I-90 but they are fantastic.
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Fisher Meats in downtown Issaquah is great.
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Response by poster: The particular thing that I was looking for that pushed me to ask the question was a bone-in, skin-on pork shoulder (for the Momofuku Bo Ssam). I had a tough time finding it until I talked to Rain Shadow. So I did end up going into Seattle, but I was very happy with Rain Shadow in general, they were very helpful, and the pork was excellent. They'll probably be my go-to place at least for special occasions. I'll still be trying some of the other Eastside suggestions in the future in the hope of finding someone closer that I like.
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