High maintenance fitness tracker recommendations
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I'm looking for a fitness tracker / calorie counting app ( or a combination of, if I have to) with some fairly specific requirements

This is what I'm after. An all- in - one is preferred.

1. Must be available for android.
2. Has a comprehensive prepopulated food library including calories, serving size and weight and has fat/ protein/carb breakdown.
3. Weightlifting tracking by weight, reps, body part, and right/left distinction. (This is pretty important)
4. Ties into My Tracks or allows map creation
5. Can store body measurements
6. Graphs the above data over time.
7. Does not require Facebook or other social media tie in, or allows me to opt out of that.

If there's one that does all of this, wonderful. If you know of a way to make this happen over multiple android apps with minimal hassle, tell me how.
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The Daily Burn Tracker has exercise tracking, graphs for body measurements and an astounding library of foods (with bar code scanner!) for diet tracking. It doesn't integrate with any running apps that I'm aware of, you have to manually enter your steps/distance. It does not require Facebook.
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I don't know if it meets every last one of your needs, but have you looked into My Fitness Pal? I know for certain that it meets requirements 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7, parts of 3 (not sure about left/right distinction) and syncs with other running apps like RunKeeper and EndoMondo. The forum there are also incredibly extensive which might help you with hacking a better solution.
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MyFitnessPal for food tracking
Jefit or perhaps Fitocracy for weight lifting (though FWIW I find an actual paper notebook best for tracking weight training progress)
For some of your key numbers, keep a copy in a spreadsheet for better graphing in the long term.
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Mynetdiary has the largest food database out there. The app tracks your water intake, measurements, provides analysis of your daily intake, and has an android version.
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I use MyFitness pal and Runkeeper as they speak to each other very well. (I also use TacitoHealth but I don't know if they have an Android version - it doesn't add much functionality, but produces nice reports which provides graphs over time).

I don't track the weights data you want because I don't lift enough to bother, but Runkeeper has a lot of third party apps that plug into their HealthGraph API. I tried a couple of those for weights, but not over a long enough time to get a sense of how good they were.

I'd have a closer look at the Runkeeper apps available through the website to see what's available.
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