Programs that will let me travel to Europe
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Hello folks! I am looking for a way to spend the next 4-6 months travelling around Europe (I have some money saved up). Does anyone know ways to work for money or volunteer in Europe, preferably with a group of others? I don't have EU citizenship. Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences doing this? Thank you, and Happy (upcoming) New Year!
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Response by poster: Thanks, empath, I forgot to mention that I know about WWOOF. I'm looking for other options, ones with more structure/organization, if possible. I'm already exploring WWOOF.
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The TLG program - teaching English in the Republic of Georgia. I did it for just one semester a couple years ago and they paid to fly me out and everything. Not sure if you can still do it for just one semester but it's worth looking into.
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How old are you? That will make a difference in terms of what kind of volunteering might be a good baseline match.

Also, are you aware of the Schengen Area? I don't think you can get a tourist visa for longer than 90 days, so if you want a 4 - 6 month trip, that will involve time at the beginning or end in the UK or Ireland.
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How about Traveling Nanny? Here's an agency.
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DarlingBri is correct, you will only be able to stay a max of 90 days in the Schengen Area.
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Response by poster: This all seems do-able. A 3 month trip would be perfect. Thank you for all the info on that, it's been very helpful!

I'm 26, if that helps, DarlingBri

I'm going off a book called "Delaying The Real World," but that is 8 years old. Does anyone know of good resources that are current?

Thank you!
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