Hairstyles or other ideas for keeping sweat out of my hair?
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Does anyone have any magic ways to keep your hair less sweaty while exercising? I want to run every second day, but I don't want to wash my hair that often and have just realised that that is actually the number one reason why I procrastinate on running.

I rarely sweat in everyday life, and don't sweat when doing weights or other slow gym work, but cardio makes buckets of moisture pour out of my head. My hair gets gross and sweaty.

My hair is otherwise very dry (and coloured), so I only wash it every four days, which keeps it awesome. But when I sweat all over it, it needs washing. I've tried rinsing it only. I've tried conditioner only. Both of those are okay, but rinse-only still leaves it a bit dry, and conditioner-only leaves it looking a bit lank. I've tried dry shampoo, which seems the best option, but I don't like the fact I have to let the sweat dry first (sweaty itchy hair for a couple of hours, yay!).

I'm hoping people have ideas about hairstyles, and/or headband materials that either keep the hair away from the sweat, or wick the sweat away. I usually go for a pony tail, which keeps the last couple of inches of my hair unsweaty, at least, and clip my fringe up onto the crown of my head, which doesn't actually seem to help at all. My hair is just above shoulder length.
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The only solution I have found to this sticky sweaty problem is to blow dry my hair post-workout. Do it on a medium or low heat setting, obviously.
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I would say, run on the day you're showering (or the night before or whatever) and then do the elliptical during the rest of the week. Elliptical machines are a lot less demanding on your body and feel easier. Plus, with an elliptical you can set it to be easier than gravity is (aka running). I don't sweat as much when I do elliptical machines, but my heart rate still gets up to where I want it.

The best hairstyle for me is up in a bun and a headband. Not sure there's a hairstyle that can minimize sweating or minimize sweat touching your hair. Maybe you have to decide if physical fitness is worth your hair being a little bit drier during the week.
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I have thick hair that is long for the first time in my life. I am also 33 and because I've never had long hair before I have kind of learned how to care for it the past few years only by trial and error.

I live and run in Houston 12 months a year, always outdoors. Even when the temps aren't in the 90s, the humidity percentage is. I also do hot yoga several days a week. Plus, I'm a "head sweater" and "face sweater." My freshly-washed hair takes about 8 hours to air dry, and about an hour to blow dry.

My solutions to this are:
Carry a bandana to wipe my face. I tend to wipe my forehead sweat off with my hand INTO my hair if I don't have anything else absorbent to wipe it with.

Dry shampoo, which you're already using. I second the advice of blow-drying your unwashed sweaty hair first then using the dry shampoo.

Sweaty Band or something similar. I don't think they necessarily absorb the sweat, but they seem to keep it from spreading.

I only wash my hair about every four days as well. I prefer morning showers but I've gotten into the habit of washing it at night, braiding it to dry overnight, wearing it down day 1 and 2 with the help of dry shampoo, braiding it day 3 and/or wearing it up, and wearing it up in a bun on day 4.

My ends are very dry and have always been, and my roots are somewhat oily, so I can't really do co-washing, but I do use shampoo ONLY at the roots and condition only the bottom half of my hair, which helps a lot.
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Only wash your bangs. Boar bristle brush for the rest of the scalp.
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Apply dry shampoo BEFORE you go for a run.
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I wear my hair in a top knot when I run with a sweaty band on. After I'm done I apply dry shampoo with my hair still up and wash my bangs in the sink. Then I blow dry my bangs and the roots of my hair (it's still up). After it's 90% dry I let it down and sometimes use a little more dry shampoo. It seems labor intensive but I run on my lunch break and have to look semi human in the afternoon.
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Thanks, everyone! It had actually never occurred to me to blowdry the sweat. I'm going to try that, followed by dry shampoo.

I'll try a top knot too, in case it's better than a pony tail. And the sweaty band sounds interesting. I'll see if I can find a source without ridiculous shipping costs.

I'm already using a boar bristle brush, and I'm not going to switch to the elliptical. I run outside and part of the attraction to me is getting outside and seeing the world.
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