Good, symmetrical multi-button wireless mouse (for left-hander)?
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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a wireless replacement for my Logitech MX310 mouse, which has served me well for years. Many mice have extra buttons that can be assigned to various functions. The nice thing about the MX310, though, is that its extra buttons were symmetrical, so it was as easy to use left-handed as right-handed. Do you have a recommendation for a good, relatively inexpensive wireless replacement?
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not lefty, nor experienced in left handed mousing, but you could try this:
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I've spent a lot of time looking for a decent lefty mouse with extra buttons.

If you're stuck on wireless, The Logitech MX610 is gonna be your best bet, and it pops up new on ebay once in a while for about $60. I used them for several years, but the main drawback was that the wireless bit was very prone to interference and almost unusable in certain environments.

For corded, the mouse I use now is the Logitech G300. I'm on a Mac and use it with Steermouse to use the extra buttons across apps. It's great and not too expensive.

Razer recently released the lefty Naga, but if you're on a Mac you're outta luck accessing the extra buttons unless you buy into Razer's terrible cloud-based software. The Razer Deathadder didn't have enough extra buttons to make me happy.
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I quite like my Razer Orochi, which can be used either wirelessly via bluetooth or as a regular USB mouse with its included (and very nice, braided, not-at-all-stiff cord). It's symmetrical and has programmable buttons. The only thing that sucks though is that in wireless mode it goes to sleep after an irritatingly short period of inactivity, which means that sometimes you will try to use it, find that it's gone to sleep, and have to click a button and wait a half second or so for it to wake up. There is no way to adjust this setting, which is a real shame. I have ended up using it exclusively in wired mode, but luckily I've found that the cord is soft and flexible enough that it doesn't get in the way at all. Something to consider, anyway.
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