Suggest unto me more records like Ronnie Laws' Friends And Strangers.
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So Im sitting in this dive downtown waiting for a friend to show up, and this lady in her 60's is absolutely destroying at Jukebox. I mean Delphonics, Philly Soul, early 70s Quincy (you gotta love the modern Internet jukebox.) So then, out of nowhere, the greatest song I have never heard comes on. It's Ronnie Laws' "Friends and Strangers" and the song hits me so square-on that I'm on ebay ordering the vinyl before the song even ends. Now I can't stop listening to the album and want more. That's where you come in...

Here is the song and here is the full album. Enjoy!
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Best answer: How about Rufus? Especially Street Player and the Self-titled record.
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Best answer: Ronnie Law's 1980 album, Every Generation
The Crusaders' Street Life (featuring the fabulous vocals of Randy Crawford; released in 1979)
Donald Byrd's 1975 album, Places and Spaces ('s info is misleading; it may have been re-released in 1997 but it was originally issued in 1975)
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Best answer: "Always There" is one of my favorite songs of all time! For music similar to Friends and Strangers, I feel like Roy Ayers is the obvious answer. Friends and Strangers was a Wayne Henderson production, so you might also want to check out some of the later productions of the Jazz Crusaders / Crusaders. You could also look into the "Jazz Funk Mastercuts" compilations.
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Best answer: 2nding Donald Byrd. His 70s stuff drifted into pop and fusion sorta like this. Black Byrd is an essential jazz album.

Also gonna suggest Billy Cobham, Stanley Clarke and Herbie Mann for some funk fusion goodness.

And since you mentioned older funk/soul, I am compelled to recommend the What It Is compilation - off-the-charts amazing.
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Best answer: I had never heard Ronnie Laws before this post, but it is great! It might be more organic than this, but have you dug into Weldon Irvine?

Soul Sisters
We Gettin' Down
Turkish Bath
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Best answer: Gabor Szabo.
James Mason.
Bob James?
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