Can I ever get the water marks off of my screen?
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A few days ago, my Nexus 7 wasn't switching on. Taking off the back showed there was water inside it - though I hadn't dropped it in water. Left it to dry and it works again - save two 'water stains' on the screen. Does this mean it's likely to remain functional? And can I remove these water marks?

The tablet had worked perfectly well, until I switched it off and was unable to switch it back on. I removed the back to see if anything was loose, and it was then that I saw liquid inside it. I had briefly carried it in my hand during a rain shower, but that was a few days before - is it likely water could get inside and hang around for a while? I definitely hadn't spilt water on it or dropped it since.

As the tablet seems to be charging a functioning now, how confident can I be that it will continue to work? And will the water stains on the screen - which are a little bit irritating., but not enough that I want to replace it - now a permanent fixture?
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My iPhone went for a swim, then went on the rice diet. A few spots on the screen stayed; after 6 months to a year they went away. Knowing the sensitivity of these devices to water I'd say feel lucky that you got off easy.
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Oh so I recommend turning your device off and leaving it in a bag of dry rice for 1-2 days just to absorb the remaining liquid. Since the device hasn't died completely it should be ok but this would be a good precaution since you did get water inside. And turn it off, like, now. I made this mistake the 2nd time and my iPhone died after a half hour.

(Since it was a few days ago you're probably ok but if I were you I'd be cautious.)
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