Recommend books about "infinity"
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I'm looking for recommendations of popular science books about the mathematical / scientific concept of infinity.

I consider myself reasonably not-math-phobic -- I got through basic college calculus a long time ago -- but, if possible, I'm hoping to avoid anything too heavy on the equations. Rather, ideally I'd like to find something more "popular science," for a more general audience. I saw some options on Amazon, but would appreciate any thoughts or guidance anyone could offer. Thanks!
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Everything and More isn't perfect, but it's worth looking at.
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ZERO: THE BIOGRAPHY OF A DANGEROUS IDEA by Charles Seife deals with the infinite, as you might imagine.
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Kaplan:The Art of the Infinite
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I really enjoyed One Two Three... Infinity. It has illustrations and anecdotes that make it fun to wrangle with these mind-stretchy concepts.
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Godel, Escher, Bach has some pieces about infinity and is overall a pretty fantastic book, but it is on the tougher side of pop science non-fiction. Most of the math is more conceptual than functional, so you don't need to have a lot of math, just some reasoning ability.
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Rudy Rucker's Infinity And The Mind is pretty good. It has interesting and informative discussions of Cantor, Godel, etc.
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Mystery Of The Aleph is about Georg Cantor and the development of the modern mathematical concept of infinity and set theory.
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Seconding the Rudy Rucker book. It's great.
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Thanks to everyone for your suggestions . . . I'll be checking all of these out to see which one grabs me, as well as a book called "The Infinite Book" by John Barrow. I appreciate all of your input.
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The Infinity Puzzle is another good book about physics -- specifically how theoretical physicists dealt with all the infinities that pop up in quantum field theory.
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AW Moore's book on infinity is good. Rucker, also.
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