Children's book: mid 1970s, a scary (for me) mystery
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This is what I remember: A boy (and his dog?) wants to go outside, and he asks his mother for permission. She says "okay, but don't cross any streets in this fog!"

Then he goes outside and turns a few corners, since he can't cross any streets. He comes across a store, with a scary old man(?) who does magic(?) and I was scared.

The book had many illustrations, but it was not a younger-grade book. I'm thinking it might be Ruth Chew, but none of the book descriptions I can find have these details.
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I have read nearly all of Ruth Chew's books. Of the ones I've read, this does not ring a bell - partly because nearly all of her books (that I have read - I still have 3 to go) have as main characters a brother and a sister - no only children (so far, as I said).
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He went to his mother and said, "I want to take Bert for a walk." His mother knew Nick liked foggy weather. She said, "Good, but don't cross any streets in this fog." "I won't," he promised. They walked to the corner. A drugstore was ...

Dr. Merlin's Magic Shop, by Scott Corbett (Scholastic, 1973)
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