Crowdsourcing a 30-something New Years Eve in toronto: I need ideas.
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My friends and I are single ladies in our mid 30s, and we want to go out on NYE, preferably to a restaurant and/or bar that is unlikely to be filled with 23 year olds in bandage dresses.

Ideally, we'd like to pick one place where we can have dinner and then continue our night there, but we're open to going to one place for dinner and then another place afterwards. We don't need a dance floor/club, but even without that, it's hard to think of places that will have a slightly "older" crowd. (Our frontrunner so far is Weslodge, but that does have the tendency to veer into bandage-dress territory.)

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Well it's Amateur Night NYE, so there's going to be bandage dresses basically anywhere you go I think.

Somewhere like the Irish Embassy or PJ O'Brien's (disclaimer: I had a past professional connection to both places, but not for years now) is going to be a hell of a banging party, and while there's likely to be youngsters there it won't only be youngsters, and bandage dresses don't really fit in at either place. Both places would be one-stop shopping for your night.

It's probably too late for reservations, but if you want something classy and high end, you could do worse than trying the King Eddie or Windsor Arms or similar hotels.
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Is the Farmhouse Tavern (in the Junction Triangle) too far for you?
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The Gladstone?

One year I went to Crocodile Rock. To this day I wish I hadn't.
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Response by poster: I just made a reservation at Strada 241, although i've only been their for breakfast so i have no idea what the crowd is like.

St Peepsburg - we were seriously considering the Gladstone. Have you been on NYE? I used to go for karaoke all the time but haven't been in a while.

Barnoley - the junction isn't an ideal location but we could make it work if there was a great place.
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I don't know if you and your friends are fans of folk-punk-klezmer, but Lemon Bucket Orkestra is headlining NYE at the Opera House.

They definitely don't cater to the 20-something bandage dress crowd - more like mid-30s alternative crowd. Brilliant musicians, infectious rhythms to dance to.
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I haven't been to the Gladstone on NYE but I went last year for Halloween and it was very cool and not full of kids. They re-did some decor so it's a little less "post-college bar" but still nice.
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