Should I get the Dr. Who DVD or just watch on Amazon (online)?
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I want a copy of "The Day of the Doctor" (50th Anniversary Special.) I have to choose between the DVD or the Amazon online "collection".

I want to get as many "special features" as possible. However, I also prefer media I don't need the internet to use, so I want to be sure that if the DVD is "just as good" as the internet version, I get the physical media. And, if there's something on the DVD that isn't online, I might want to buy the DVD and get just the parts that are "missing" online.

So, which one should I get? How exactly are they different from one another?

This question would be ideally answered by people who have actually had the DVD in their hands, and can tell me what's on it beyond what Amazon says. Thank you!

BTW if you can show me how to just see the DVD or just the online version reviews, I'd be really happy. Not sure why I can't find it, and confused as to why it's not an option if it isn't one.
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Well, the DVD contents listing I see there does not include the various "Revisited" half-hour specials about each of the recent doctors, nor the "Doctor Who at the Proms", but I will say from having seen all those that while they weren't that bad, they're pretty missable. The other missing bit is the Doctor Who behind-the-scenes origin drama, An Adventure in Space and Time, which was enjoyable in its own way but again not essential viewing (I think the creators were too close to the subject matter, frankly, to make it compelling).

I don't think that the online collection was designed with being DVD or Blu-Ray-ability in mind, if that makes sense. I would get the DVD and not worry that I'm "missing" something that was never going to be there in the first place.
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As an aside, DVDs are already antiquated, so I'd skip them just on that point alone, independent of if you are missing some small components (which won't help at all if it's hard to watch any of them in the near future.

I'd expect DVD's to be as rare as VHS in about 3-7 years. Best example: new Apple laptops aren't even sold with disc drives anymore.
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