Estonian songs about barn swallows?
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The barn swallow figures prominently in Estonian folklore and culture, and I would love to find poems or folk songs that mention it. Unfortunately, I do not speak the language, and I am stumped over how to proceed. Do you know any Estonian verse about barn swallows, or can you suggest how to start looking?
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The Estonian word for barn swallow is "suitsupääsuke", if that helps at all...
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I would join the suggestion above in a google search with words like the Estonian equivalents for song or lyrics or poem or poetry. The translation is left as an exercise to the reader. Google Translate is often sufficient, but complex concepts can also be easier to translate by Wikipedia titles, and maybe you have some other keywords not in my list. I have not done this in Estonian or for barn swallows, but I have used the same process for other languages and subjects...
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