Beautiful wall calendars?
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I am looking for a really beautiful and distinctive 2014 wall calendar. Has anyone seen any really great calendars this year? Whatever I get will have to be available via mail order, because the calendar selection in my town is fairly limited.
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The calendar I bought for myself for next year is this Fantasy Author Calendar. It makes my office both lovelier and nerdier and the proceeds go to two good causes.
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I'm waiting for Underwater Dogs to come in the mail. Beautiful, distinctive, and hilarious.

See also this previous post.
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I've had several years of the Extraordinary Chickens calendars, and it's surprisingly beautiful.
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I have gone to Paper Source the last few years. This is the one I have. There is also this version if you like more art less calendar. They have a few other nice calendar selections there too.
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Exquisite Creatures, if you don't hate insects!
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The Luxury Shed Calendar
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There are many lovely choices at Etsy--check out what comes up by searching for "letterpress calendar".
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We got the Painted Hands calendar for next year. I thought it was pretty neat.
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I have the 2nd Paper Source calendar that sadtomato links to above, and I love it. Each page also has instructions/cutting lines on the back to turn it into different things (folders, folded boxes, etc) when the month is over!
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This blog, associated with an online store, does big lists of calendars as well as other papergoods.
PaperCrave posts marked calendar.
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I bought this calendar by artist Nikki McClure and it's gorgeous.

The description:
Nikki's calendars have become a staple in kitchens, offices and schools. Each image is an original papercut, cut from a single piece of paper.

Nikki features strong images of everyday life, each with a powerful verb that inspires to action.

This year's verbs and phrases: Vibrate, Honor, Delegate, Matter, Lunch, Befriend, Ache, Inhabit, Chance, Save, Agree and Stay.

Printed on acid-free paper using soy ink in Olympia, Washington by union-labor.

Size: 12" x 12"

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One of my favorite design curation blogs, Design Milk, published a post recently on beautiful and intriguingly formatted calendars for 2014. Some beautifully designed "traditional" flat paper calendars as well as some cool/weird ones (cross-stitched calendars? tea towel calendars? calendars on fabric that you unravel with the passage of time? bubble wrap calendars?).
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It's very much a statement piece, but we love our Stendig calendars.
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Photographer Tim Davis does a beautiful abstract image calendar every year; I have given many as gifts, they are high quality and beautifully presented. You can order them directly from his website.
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Artist Sabra Field does a beautiful calendar.
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My daughter got Rifle Paper Co's Secret Garden calendar. Very nice.
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