Drywood termites: fume or spot treat?
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Drywood termites: fumigation or liquid injection?

We have an adobe home in Tucson, AZ with "minor" drywood termite infestation. One established firm says fumigate, another says they can treat effetively by injecting the wood near infested areas. Research and discussion lead me to believe fumigation is the most effective way to go, but we've got some large plants around the outside of the house that we'd hate to see torched by the fumigation. But I'm suspicious of liquid injection, that it simply can't cope with all the hidden places that can be infested. We've spot-treated in the past and they're baaaaack. Anybody been down this road?
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We have big problems around here with termites and, unless you kill every last one of them and eradicate their nests, they will come back, as you have already discovered. Not only should you fumigate, but you need to carry out regular inspections around the perimeter of the house and ensure that things like firewood are not stacked close to the house. There are lots of measures you can take to miimise this problem and you should take as many of them as you can, because these little monsters will, literally, eat you out of house and home in a short time if they get well established.
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