Looking for a specific pair of Roos
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The most comfortable shoes I own (Kangaroos Tai Chi M) are starting to show their age. When I bought a replacement pair online a couple of years ago, I was disappointed that they use a different material/style which is more rigid and far less comfortable. Help me find the older style of Roos!

Here are the Roos that I currently own - the two different shoes in the foreground are the awesome ones (the red one in particular - the blue's sole is not rubber and has worn down to become slicker than ice), the shoe in the back is the mediocre replacement. I purchased the more comfortable pairs around 2003 or 2004. I think the problem seems to be with the way the nylon around the ankles is reinforced - it seems to have much more give on the older shoes, though that may be because they're broken in. I've tried really hard to break in the newer shoe, but no dice. The tag on one of the good shoes says:

Style: Tai Chi M
then lists sizing (I'm a US 9)
Made In China
Upper: Suede Nylon
Upper Lining: Textile
Outsole: Rubber

The bad shoe says:
Tai Chi
Color (unintelligible)
Made In Indonesia

There's an ebay auction that I'll hopefully win (even though they're in boring grey), but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me track down a pair or two of these shoes somewhere else. I've considered other Roos models on Zappos, but I'm nervous because the nylon that is on those shoes appears to be the grainy stuff (similar to that of the bad shoe), whereas the material on my beloved Roos is very fine.

I don't even know if what I'm asking for is a reasonable request, so alternatively, if anyone has worn/loved my Roos before and has a suggestion for comfortable shoes in a similar style (I like colors), I'd be willing to hear that too. Thanks!
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No help on those particular shoes, but as for "comfortable shoes in a similar style (I like colors)" you might consider Saucony Jazz.
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