"Cool" things to do in Reno, NV.
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My girlfriend and I are visiting Reno to see my parents for Christmas. My parents are older (early 60's) and really enjoy doing "cool" things. We live in Portland and when my parents visit here they always have a great time and really enjoy doing the "cool" things we like to do. The thing is...

I don't exactly know what it is they like about what we do. My parents and I enjoy drinking at bars at lot. Last time I was in Reno we went to the public house and had a blast. The types of places they enjoy coming to in Portland are McMenamins, and a couple of winters ago I took them to Roadside Attraction, which they loved.

As for eating out, I've taken them to Broder and it quickly became one of their favorite places to eat. I usually take them to what I consider to be decent breakfast and food places, and we typically eat at places on Alberta when they visit. In Reno they don't really know of many places to eat out at. We've gone to a nice little diner that's sort of downtown, and also have gone to that burger place that's at the back of a casino, but other than that we don't know of much.

My parents are young at heart and I think they just enjoy places that I, as a 24-year-old, enjoy. We're visiting from the 24th to the 31st. Thanks!
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This is going to sound bizarre, but one of my favorite places in Reno is the old "Coffee Shop" now Cafe Milano at the Peppermill. If you're into diner, comfort food, this place has ALWAYS satisfied. I'm rather fond of throwing away a few bucks on Keno as well.

The Cal-Neva has really low table bets during the week on craps (like .25) and it's a fun way to learn the game. They also have little tutorials, you might want to walk through and see what's up.

On the 28th there's a "Beer Crawl".

The Go-Gos will play Reno on the 28th, if that's your thing.

Just some thoughts. Your parents may be cooler than I am though.
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Midtown continues to grow with great indy restaurants and shops. Check it out here.
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It's dubiously cool, but go to The Nugget and get the Awful Awful burger. It comes with a full pound of fries.
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The Truckee river downtown is a lovely place where people go kayaking and such. It has a great pedestrian river pathway for walking along. Bring a picnic or go to the Pneumatic Diner, a vegetarian restaurant with character located on the second floor at 501 W 1st St that's right along the river. My Reno family sometimes takes me there when I'm in town and we enjoy it. Looks like there's more information on that neighborhood at renoriver.org.
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Hub coffee roasters is pretty damn good, even by Portland standards.
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Whenever I'm in Nevada I try to go to a Basque restaurant. Tasty food and interesting cultural experience. I haven't been to one in Reno but Yelp suggests a few places.
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I'm pretty active on the Reno Yelp boards and we hear this question pretty often. Most recently the restaurants people are happy with are Campo (right on the river, trendy bites), South Creek Pizza (wood-fired pizza), The Gas Lamp (great happy hour menu), as Jessamyn mentioned, either the Santa Fe or Louis Basque corner (served family style). Mid-town is rampant with lots of new places opening up like Sup. St. James Brasserie is a cool place to eat / drink, as well as the St. James Infirmary, its sister bar. Reno is known, strangely, for a plethora of AYCE sushi places. For breakfasts, the go to places are Peg's, Kimmie's, Black Bear Diner or the Squeeze In.
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I really enjoyed Cafe Deluxe last time I was in Reno. This isn't going to help you right now, but Animal Ark outside of Reno runs cheetahs during the summer. I thought it was amazing. Something I never thought I would see.

I also enjoyed Freshies in South Lake Tahoe. The service is slow, but they're really friendly and the food is good.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks everyone! Hope y'all are having a nice Christmas 8)
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If you all like beer, check out Craft (no food, just beer and wine to drink there or to take home), The Brewer's Cabinet (locally made beers and food), Great Basin Brewery, St. James Brasserie, the newly opened Under the Rose tasting room, Stoneyhead brewing, and even the Whole Foods Tap Room.

Wedge is a great little cheese shop, and if they're not too busy they will really answer your questions and let you try stuff.

Hiroba is great for All-You-Can-Eat sushi, and I hear Reef is great, too.

Campo is definitely a big hit, as mentioned above.

Midtown in general is great to check out. Lots of restaurants and fun little shops. I would say it's the "cool" part of Reno right now, but I might be wrong.

Hub is great (as mentioned above), and I really like Bibo's coffee drinks (they use Kolika coffee, which is locally roasted). You can get Blind Dog Roasting Company coffee around town (grocery stores, a few restaurants), and it is also locally roasted and quite good.

Reno is a fun town -- and you don't need to set foot in a casino if you don't want to.
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