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Blogger used to have a bookmarklet that could be dragged to the bookmark bar in one's browser. It was called "Blog this!" and was a little snippet of javascript that let you highlight text on a page and then publish it, with a hyperlink, on your Blogger blog. Does anyone know if this still exists?
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Best answer: This looks like it: What is BlogThis! ? (the drag-link at end of the post).
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Response by poster: Thanks, I don't know why something so useful is so hard to dredge up. I think I've been using it for a decade now.
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That's awesome! I can't believe I never knew about that one. I'm so glad you asked, mecran01!!!!

It's going right next to my Wishlist bookmarklet from Amazon, where I can add all things from other sites and stuff. Of course, I'm not sure why I keep it since no one uses it. :/

Anyway, thanks for asking this question. Happy Holidays!
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If anyone wants a Wordpress equivalent, there's Press This
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And MarsEdit, which you can use to post to any number of blogging platforms, has a bookmarklet as well. I use it daily.
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For those who don't use it the BlogThis! bookmarklet frequently fails so be sure and have some way to automatically backup your posts before you post them. It is particularly flaky about image linking and the final posting stage. You can also end up in recaptcha hell where you can't prove you are human.
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