Using Safari on iPad Air with Chrome on Mac
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I've been using Chrome on my Mac and Safari on my iPad Air. Trying to get them both to sync with each other is a challenge. I used a Safari on Mac for a short while recently to keep the two perfectly in sync but I've since switched back to a Chrome on my Mac as it is just a quicker and nicer to use browser. On my iPad Air I've installed Chrome but nothing beats Safari on the iPad as it's smoother and uses a faster rendering engine. Chrome on iOS is a bit sluggish and doesn't feel comfortable to use. Is there a way that I can sync my Chrome bookmarks and settings on my Mac with Safari on my iPad?
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You might try Xmarks on the Mac, syncing bookmarks between Chrome and Safari. The idea is to get Safari on the Mac to push its bookmarks up to iCloud, which you'll then see on your iPad, assuming you have iCloud enabled there.
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Best answer: I use Chrome on the Mac and Safari on my iPad and iPhone. Bookmacster keeps my bookmarks in sync across my Mac (between Safari for Mac and Chrome) and then iCloud syncs them to the iOS devices.
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