Help me figure out clues to a gift please
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My mum makes me an advent calendar with little gifts and chocolates every year. The past two days I've unpacked a nail and a piece of a vinyl disc - she says these are clues to an event on Monday. She had previously asked me to keep a two hour slot at an allotted time free the day after tomorrow. Now I wanna know what treat I'm in for (I can only assume it's something positive!) but I cannot for the life of me figure out what this could be. I mean, I have one idea but don't wanna list it here as to not distract you. I'd really like to see what you guys might come up with. (Full disclosure: There's a chance this is a play on words and my mother is German. Nail is "der Nagel" and for the disc I have apparently not figured out the correct term yet...)
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By "piece of a vinyl disc" do you mean a record (like a music recording on vinyl, lord I'm old), or are we talking something flappy, and if so how big, do you have a photo?
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Yes, like an old-fashioned music record. Here's a link to a photo of the two items:
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I'm not sure what your gender is, but maybe she's booked a manicure and/or pedicure for you?
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My first thought was a gel manicure, since it's for your nails and the gel is very shiny like vinyl!
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I would also guess Mani/Pedi!
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Aw, you're shaking the proverbial box! Let it unfold rather than spoiling your mom's fun early and enjoy the suspense!
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My first thought upon seeing the picture was "Huh, chip and nail... Chip'n'nail...CHIPPENDALES!" but you would know better than I whether that is something your mom would send you to.
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I know but I'm not going to tell you. That would be wrong.
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A Nine Inch Nails concert.
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Nail=Fingernail, music discs used to be made of shellac. I think you're in for a mani/pedi with shellac polish. This seems to be a thing. Sorry for spoiling your surprise.
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Is there by any chance a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar? (Sorry, but that would be exactly my family's humour...)
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Anything going on near you that could be described as record-breaking?
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Two hours is the approximate length of a movie. No idea what the movie might be though!
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Shellac mani/pedi it is! Well done, guys.
@cedric and @bleep: my mum wanted me to guess it, else she wouldn't have put the clues.
@coppermoss and @DarlingBri: your answers made my mum laugh out loud over breakfast :)
Thanks all.
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What a fun mom! Enjoy your spa day.
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