Cookie frosting toxicity for dogs
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My two pugs (15-pound females) got into the garbage and ate probably about a tablespoon each of CakeMate cookie frosting (similar to this.) I've googled each ingredient (i.e., xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate) and none appear to be toxic to dogs. They are exhibiting no physical or behavioural symptoms of poisoning. Should I continue to worry?
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Your pups will probably be fine, but your floors may not be. When my similarly sized dog got into frosting one day we had a few days of nasty poo thanks to the hydrogenated oils that make fake frosting so enticingly delicious. Can the pugs be outside for a bit?
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Yeah, your only real threat is to the integrity of your carpet and upholstery. At a tablespoon each, the only thing that would be dangerously toxic to dogs would be xylitol, and that stuff is definitely not artificially sweetened.

If you have plain yogurt, you might offer a spoonful tonight and again at breakfast in hopes of settling upset stomachs.
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also, depending on the color of frosting, there may be some disturbing color issues with their poop when it comes out the other end.
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My pug has eaten similar frosting, and was fine. The vet advised me only to make sure he had lots of water, and he did seem a bit thirstier than usual.

Luckily, dogs have pretty tough digestive systems.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your advice -- it definitely did assuage my anxiety! Even better, I can report that the pugs are fine, save for some lingering icing breath. No signs of anything untoward and, uh, egress was uneventful!
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