Can I keep and store chinese lantern branches?
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I've had some chinese lantern branches in a vase for about a month now, no water, and they're still in great shape--bright, intact "lanterns." I want to replace them with something a little more wintery, but I hate to just throw away the chinese lanterns. Can I wrap them in paper or something and store them away until next fall? Or will they just disintegrate into dust?
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They won't disintegrate, but they may fade in color somewhat, so keep them out of direct sunlight. I have some that I've had for a few years.
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Won't new ones grow next season?
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Response by poster: Yeah, I could buy new ones next year--they're not expensive. But it seems a shame to throw out something when it can be saved. No biggie, though, if that doesn't work out.
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You can wrap them in paper and stored them in a box in a cool, dry, dark location. If you're storing them in a basement, you may want to include something that will draw moisture away from them. Silicone beads work well - you get small packs for free in things, like shoe boxes - they're the little packets that say DO NOT EAT. If you're worried about kids or pets, an envelope with some baking soda will also work well.
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If you have the room to store them, why not give it a try? If, upon unwrapping next year, they're looking less than fantastic, chuck 'em on the compost pile and lesson learned.
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Do you have an out of the way place where you could hang them up? I've had good success by tying the bottom of the stems together and hanging them upside down in a corner of the laundry room.
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