Moving 1BR Apt from CT to NC in one week: help?
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Looking for some advice on moving a one bedroom apartment worth of stuff from Connecticut to North Carolina the week of New Years! Legitimate moving companies (Atlas/United/etc.) can't do it in such short notice. Renting a UHaul/Budget van is as expensive as using a company with little/no reviews. Any other suggestions? Any specific references for a reputable company which can make this happen? Thanks!
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I have never used them, but this sounds like a job for something like PODS.
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PODS is great, but it ain't cheap... on paper. However, when I used them, I did find them willing to negotiate the price. Basically I just called and got a quote, said "oh man sorry that's more than I can afford" and the guy slashed the price without my even asking. Worth a try, anyway!
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I think my parents have used Gentle Giant and been happy with them -- it looks like they're in New York and Massachusetts on one end and North Carolina on the other so that might work? Good luck with your move!
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My last couple of moves I have gone with the combo of renting a Uhaul and then hiring separate crews of college students to load/unload the truck at either end. Easy as hiring a company and much much cheaper.
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Have you checked out ABF UPack? They get better reviews than PODs and will contract out to hire people on either end to load and unload your stuff. I'm moving in January and UPack with loading/unloading quoted me at about the same price as the big full-service movers.
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We loved (loved!) U-pack's relocubes. Like pods, except cheaper! Friendly staff! Helpful timelines! They'll pick up and drop off the cube fast!

We ended up paying less than $2k to get a relocube all the way across the country in less than a week (coast to coast, literally). We did a lot of disassembly and getting rid of things to make it fit - but we managed to get a 1+ bedroom apartment into our relocube. Bear in mind we didn't bring a mattress or bed or really any bedroom furniture, but we did bring all of our office(s) and dining room furniture along with 8 chairs that were huge.

I packed it to the BRIM, but everything fit. And to my utter shock nothing broke during the trip! I am SO impressed with U-pack, I'd recommend them to anyone.

Also they are 100% on board with scheduling people last minute. Call them today, they'll drop off your relocube tomorrow.
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I can recommend a good local company that moved my 1BR full of stuff within CT, if that's what you're looking for. They did mine on pretty short notice, but that was in-state. It was not cheap, but it was well done, and they've been around for a long time. I know they do non-local moves as well, but don't know about pricing for that.

(Though personally every time I've moved interstate, I've stuffed as much as will fit in my car and abandoned the rest, and occasionally shipped a few boxes to myself through UPS. This is much cheaper than hiring movers, IME.)
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I did UPack as well, saving a bit of money, time and arrangement making by renting local trucks and loading/unloading at the AFB site.
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A friend of mine is trying to move right now. She says that the UHaul cubes are a bit deceptive: the price they quote you doesn't include dropping it off or picking it up at your location(s). Also, you have to pay for a minimum of a month, and I think they wouldn't drop it off for another two weeks. Something crappy like that.

So make sure you investigate your options verrrrry thoroughly. arnicae, I don't know if the people in your area are just easier to work with or what (we live in a college town), but who knows.
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Thanks for the ideas, everyone! Will report back on the final outcome.
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