What does "MTK" stand for?
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This may be an absurd long-shot: what song/album/artist could "MTK" stand for?

I've kept a list of several important songs for each month in my life since I was 16. I'm usually very careful about it, since it's my primary way of recording my life and memories, but there was a period this year when computer troubles forced me to keep a makeshift list on my phone. At some point I added an entry that just says: "Mtk." I apparently thought it would be obvious what this stands for, but I've been wracking my brain for months now with no luck.

The entries near it on the list include "Bipp" and Yeezus, so it would have been in late June or early July. There's no guarantee that it was actually new, though, because I include anything that's new to (or newly appreciated by) me. It also might not be a song title, since this list was just supposed to contain reminders to add to the playlist later. Could be an artist, album, or something even more difficult. My tastes are all over the place, genre-wise, but semi-poppy and modern are good bets.

I know this is a ridiculous question, but it's driving me insane and I don't know where else to turn. Any thoughts at all are welcome.
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"More to Come"
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Mack the Knife?
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Massive Attack?
Mediengruppe Telekommander?
Mr. TK?
Welsh rock worship band MTK?
Matt and Kim?

Can you tell exactly how you capitalized the letters? Is it MTK or Mtk?
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Music to know?
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Hmm I also was thinking MGMT - specifically Kids

Okay let's see -- other ideas!

The new My Bloody Valentine album, self-titled as MBV, came out in February.

Wait, that's all I got. I like this!
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How do you do text entry on your phone? This may have been fouled up by autocorrect or a typo.
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How about MKS? The single "Flatline" came out in August and I think it was at radio/on SoundCloud in June or July.
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Mt Kimbie
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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult?
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But I agree with dydecker, it's most likely Mount Kimbie since they released an album at the end of May.
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MacKlemore - Thrift shop?
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Xperience & MtK

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What about TKO from timberlake? I could see an autocorrect situation.
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i typed in 'mtk music' and this website popped up: mtk music.
mtk is a dj and here is his genre: HOUSE/TRAP/BASS/GLITCHHOP/HIPHOP
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Doesn't mtk stand for "mix tape killer"?
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The first thing I thought of, and submitted only to reveal how vanishingly unlikely it is: Mack the Knife.
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Can you tell exactly how you capitalized the letters? Is it MTK or Mtk?

Yeah, if the rest of the list is consistent in terms of acronyms vs abbreviations, it could narrow things down. Were there a lot of other cases like this that were easy to recall what they represented?

Also, I'm doubting it's a typo/auto-correct. If this is a list, it seems like it'd be easier to notice a misspell of one word on one line (I assume), written in one sitting, as opposed to several words being typed together on one line.
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Thanks for all the great responses, everyone! For posterity: the capitalization is "Mtk," but the first letter is auto-capitalized by my phone.

But I'm 90% sure that bcwinters has it! I'd considered that possibility before, since (a) I loved the Mutya Keisha Siobhan single, (b) I obviously would have a hard time writing out their full name, and (c) it would have been released right around then. But I discounted it because there was an entry for that song a little bit later on the transcribed (to my computer) version of this list.

However, bcwinters's comment made me remember that I added that entry only after rediscovering "Flatline" and wondering why I'd stopped listening to it before. I checked, and the original list on my phone did not have that second entry. So I'm pretty sure I must have (drunkenly?) mis-typed or mis-remembered the letters, forgotten what they stood for and that the song existed, then rediscovered it and redundantly added the song to the transcribed list.

Thanks again, everyone!
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