Camera Recommendations for Video Blogging?
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I've heard really good things about the Canon T3i but I'm not a fan of the bulk. Does anyone have other camera reccs (good with video) that offer a full swivel LCD screen?

I'm considering testing out video blogging for conferences and various firm visits and I'm looking for a good camera with video, something in the $300 - $500 price range. I plan to edit in Final Cut Pro (if that makes a difference in your suggestions).

I currently own a Sony NEX 5N. I really love this camera, and the main reason why I'd be looking for another camera to shot video with is because I really want a full swivel LCD screen. I know the bulkiness of the camera might help with stabilization and I probably won't be traveling with a tripod, but it's a hard step to transition from the compact Sony camera.

If you have any camera recs or have reasons why I should or shouldn't get the T3i please let me know!
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I have no idea why you'd want a swivel LCD screen. I'm a video professional and I hate those things because it's just one more thing to worry about breaking--particularly if you're looking for a mobile run-and-gun camera.

A swivel screen is only needed every now and then--and I've found that in those rare situations, there is frequently a work-around that isn't that much trouble.

Personally, I really don't like the whole "compact video camera" market. It seems like an antiquated idea to me. The plain truth is that modern cell phones are INCREDIBLE with video. And they are always with you, ready to go. Since the most important thing for video is BEING THERE TO GET THE SHOT, cell phones have a MAJOR advantage.

Have you seen the video coming out of a iPhone 4s and above? It's shockingly good. I just used a Red Epic system on my last shoot. I know what quality is. Believe me: the iPhone is incredible (and my go-to camera for my casual work (and certainly good enough for anything destined to the web).

And if it's not ergonomic enough for you, there are TONS of doo-dads you can buy that solve this problem.


Where an iPhone starts being a bad idea is when low-light shooting becomes a requirement (and also if more manual control is desired). If you fall into this category, moving up to a Canon HDSLR is an excellent choice. The T3i's make somewhat sense as an obvious upgrade for folks on a WOWZO tight budget, If you're able to throw a couple hundred more at a bit nicer Canon, you'll find that you're happier for years longer.

My favorite Canon is the 5D, but that's much more pricier than you're talking about. Seriously: take a good look at a iPhone 5.
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Further note on Canon HDSLR's: when you pay more money for the upgraded camera, what you're really paying for is a better interface, not necessarily better camera stats (mp's, etc).

You won't be able to understand this if you merely search on the web. Go to a real store and get your hands on them. Notice how the cheaper cameras make you spend forever and a day navigating ridiculous menu systems and the more expensive cameras have a physical button to do what you want it to do. Interface=speed=you get the shot.

That's why I'm ho-hum about the T3. Moving up to a 60D or 70D--or whatever--gets you into a seriously better designed interface which is a joy to use.

Lotsa buttons=easy to use
few buttons=very hard to use
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And one more note: it's not about MP's


It's about the quality of lenses you're using and the quality of sensor.
A Red epic has 20% (or so) fewer pixels than a 5DM3 when shooting in 4K, but you wouldn't believe the difference. The Epic's sensor is SO MUCH CLEANER than the 5D. That's why they are so expensive.
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And yes, I know how ridiculous it is to talk about a Red in a post about a T3

Merry Christmas

: )
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