I need cookie receipes...
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I got an early Christmas present, these cookie stamps. So now I need cookie recipes that I can stamp. My go-to cookies are chocolate chip and thumbprint, which I don't think would work. No doubt the basic peanut butter cookies that are smooshed with a fork would be fine, but what other cookies are "smooshable?"
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Ooh, shortbreads. Sample recipe.
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Snickerdoodles! I think traditionally these are thin and crunchy, but my favorite recipe makes them softer and thicker and calls for the cookie dough to be flattened a bit prior to baking. That recipe is vegan, and I can post it if you'd like, but here is a very similar, non-vegan one.
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Springerle are meant to be stamped!
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Here are some good tips for stamping cookies, followed by a few recipes that work well.
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I made a million of these this year and they're great. You would have to press them down to stamp them, but they don't spread much, so it seems do-able.
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You actually can stamp chocolate-chip cookies - you just have to do it after baking. Try it when they're a couple of minutes out of the oven, still warm but starting to cool and harden (the message will come out clearer if you flip them and stamp on the flat backs)
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Butter spritz cookies.
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Sugar cookies are perfect for stamping.

If you don't have a go-to recipe, I've used this one at Bakerella to make stamped cookies. (No icing, just the biscuit.) I don't know that I'd say they were the best sugar cookies I've ever tasted but they were pretty good.
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I wonder if the brownie roll-out cookies from Smitten Kitchen would work. I can certainly vouch for their flavour and ability to hold a cookie-cutter shape.

Springerle are meant to be stamped!

Ooh, good point. So are speculoos (speculaas, Spekulatius).
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